We Listen


TEE & CO has been consistently assisting clients in most of the matters that require the needs of litigation or any other related legal services. Providing the right solution to the cilents who came to us is our fundamental approach.


We also ensure all of our clients understand their rights and advice given to them, while presenting our best solutions possible. It is notable that there is no 100% winning result in all cases, however the firm is striving its best to improve the client’s standing in the case if not minimize the damages. It is prominent that legal proceedings should always be thought of as a last resort. It is always advisable to make every effort to settle a dispute by an agreement between the disputed parties. We are always driven to assist clients in solving their disputes amicably though settlement. Eventually, a win-win situation has never been a disappointing move.


TEE & CO take the time to understand our clients’ budget requirements and time required on all matters in order to ensure quality of works can be delivered timely.